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CFIN/MINDLab Retreat 2011


The annual CFIN/MINDLab Retreat at Sandbjerg Manor will take place:
22-24 August 2011

As usual there will be bus transport to/from Sandbjerg.

This Year's meeting will focus on Hot Topics & Tools in Neuroscience.

The retreat will feature presentations and methodological discussions related to Alzheimer's Disease, Neural Mechanisms of Pain Modulation and Philosophy of Mind, including talks by Katja Wiech from fMRIB, Oxford University, who uses a multi-methods approach to study how beliefs modulate pain, and by Michael Pauen, who works on the relation between consciousness, self-consciousness and free will at the Berlin School of Brain and Mind.  

The retreat will also feature an update on new insights into the origins of the BOLD signal, how it relates to processing of external and 'internal' stimuli, and how it relates to central disease processes in neurodegenerative and cerebrovascular diseases by MINDLab/CFIN director Leif Østergaard. These talks will form the basis of group-sessions focusing on new neuroimaging techniques, and new approaches to study human cognition and disease during the retreat.

A detailed program will be posted here at the MINDLab website in the beginning of August.

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