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 Poster Presenter
Titel of Poster
Alexandra Kratschmer Foreign Language Learning and Neurofeedback Assisted Emulation of the Brain. AU IDEAS Project 2012-2013
Anne S. Rasmussen Functions of Involuntary Versus Voluntary Autobiographical Memories
Annie Landau The Minipig as an Animal Model to Sudy Brain Stimulation Therapies by PET
Erik Johnsen Parkinson's disease treated with Subthalamic Nucleus Deep Brain Stimulation
Erik Johnsen The effect-mechanism of Subthalamic Nucleus Deep Brain Stimulation (STN DBS) in parkinson's disease on cortical activity measured with depth electrodes and magnetoencephalography (MEG)
Erik Johnsen MRI verified basal ganglia stimulation site - gait improvement and clinical outcome
Erik Johnsen Translational Unit for Basal Ganglia - TUBA
Gitte Laue Petersen Placebo manipulations reduce hyperalgesia in neuropathic pain
Heidi Kjøgx The Danish version of the Pain Catastrophizing Scale: A validation

Jeppe Sinding Jensen

Normative cognition: A uniquely human cognitive capacity

Jesper Sørensen 

Cognitive processing of instrumental and ritual actions

Kartheeban Nagenthiraja 

Accurate and Fast Perfusion Lesion Segmentation Tool for Clinical Settings 

Ken Ramshøj Christensen ESCAPE FROM THE ISLAND. processing constraints on WH-extraction in Danish
Kristoffer L. Nielbo Expectation modulation of segmentation rate and hierachical alignment during perception of non-functional events
Kristoffer L. Nielbo Spontaneous segmentation and hierachical alignment during perception of functional and non-functional events 
Linda Greve Metaphors for knowledge in knowledge sharing

Osman S. Kingo

Small children's long-term implicit and explicit memory for a single event

Osman S. Kingo

Con Amore Infant Lab Experimental Setup

Panagiotis Mitkidis

Functional Goal Ascription Enhances Social Cooperation

Raffaele Rodogno

Sebastian Wallot

Ultrafast Cognition

Sita Ramchandra Kotnis Hearts & Minds - and Brains... An Ethnographic Exploration of Military Neuroscience, Human Enhancement and the Construction of the 21st Century Soldier
Yi-Ching Lynn Ho The relationship between GABA concentrations and cerebral hemodynamics is spatially heterogeneous

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