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Neuroscience in education, marketing and beyond – are you ready for this?


MINDLab, DPU, and the Department of Psychology and Behavioral Science present:

Neuroscience in education, marketing and beyond – are you ready for this?


DATE: Thursday 31 May 2012
TIME: 13.00 - 16.00
PLACE: Aarhus University, Department of Psychology, building 1342 - room 455 

Popular science is always a good place to glean where a field is heading – and what the public wants from it!

Followers of Wired Science will be aware, that neuroscientific theories and methods have caught the public eye with studies of “big” phenomena like ethics, religion and curiosity. And where the popular eye and available technology go, commercialization and practical applications are never far behind. Methodologies from the neuroscience-labs are even now being peddled in areas like cinema, marketing, software engineeringteaching  and “brain training”. MRI-evidence has even had its day in court!

Are we ready for this?

At the Neuroscience in education, marketing and beyond workshop, we address the exiting implications of moving from the lab and into real fields of practice, as we see it in “the new neuro-disciplines”. But what is the role of universities in this? Is the science ready? Should we jump in or be weary? How can scientists share their cool tools with commercial partners? What is on the horizon for applied neuroscience?

We hope to find out.

Tentatively, the program will include talks, networking and workshop-opportunities on neuroscience in education, neuromarketing, and the commercial/public eye with eminent researchers Paul Howard-Jones (University of Bristol), Thereas Schillhab (Danish School of Education) and Uffe Schjødt  (Mindlab/religion, Aarhus University) and Andreas Lieberoth (MindLab/psychology, Aarhus University).

The seminar is open to researchers and students from all fields.
Cross-disciplinarity is our strength!
Registration for non-MINDLab researchers is required.


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The MINDLab Interacting Minds project is pleased to welcome Dr. Paul Howard-Jones, Senior Lecturer in Education and the University of Bristol, and author of the groundbreaking Introducing Neuroeducational Research. Dr. Howard-Jones is notable for bridging the gabs between cognitive neuroscience and educational practice with a keen “hybrid professional” eye and great respect for practitioners’ work and expectations.

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