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Interacting Minds


Coordinator:   Andreas Roepstorff 


Health/Arts, Aarhus University

The aim of the Interacting Minds project is to examine the links between the human capacity for minds to interact and the putative biological substrate, which enables this to happen (Frith & Frith 1999). It employs professors Chris and Uta Frith’s unique expertise in designing cognitive experiments in an integrated experimental approach, which combines behavioral examinations, brain scanning (PET, fMRI, EEG and MEG) and reports.

The project will develop tasks, which are under rigorous experimental control yet also retain ecological validity as examples of social interaction (Frith & Frith 2007). This is used to study joint action, joint perception and exchange and reciprocity. Key issues are the design of tasks where two or more persons exchange information (Roepstorff & Frith 2004) or engage in deception (Sip 2008) and to understand how artifacts, words and objects mediate human interaction (Roepstorff 2008). These paradigms will also be employed to disorders that are characterized by disturbances in social interaction (e.g. autism and schizophrenia).

The project provides unique competences in designing and interpreting behavioral and neurocognitive experiments throughout the stream. There are well-established collaborations with Cognition, Language and Music (joint action in rhythm, language use and deception), New Neuroimaging Methods (synch ronicity, advanced fMRI methods and paradigm optimization) and Integrative Neuroscience (e.g. cognitive assessment and rehabilitation, research on autism, schizophrenia and pain). MINDLab will aid in retaining two influential personalities, Chris and Uta Frith at the University of Aarhus beyond 2011.


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