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Guest talk: Dr. Martin Ingvar


Why don’t I do as I say? Human decisionmaking in context.
Human decision making is the foundation for our existence as autonomic agents. A central issue in social cooperation is the ability to balance egoism/altruism. Social handicaps are very often grounded in perceived deficiencies in this function. This research has a scientific stance in psychology, neuroscience, cognitive science and computer science and aim towards a better understanding of man as an individual free agent.
At Karolinska Institutet, we have now developed a general framework for cortical control and wish to pursue this concept in a more general cognitive domain. New data from our lab has demonstrated that decision making paradigms readily lend themselves for such an analysis. A natural future direction is to further explore this research project using MEG. Social decision making will be studied in the context where bidders have been have an established reputation for egoism or altruism. The aim is to shed light on the functional neuroanatomy of the unaware components of decision making, i.e. limbic mechanisms. The use of MEG in this research line implies a heavy component of methodological development of tools for analysis as we will concomitantly install the new national infrastructure for MEG. The experiment pertains mainly to the development of new tools for analysis of MEG data to get insights into the function of cortical control of decisionmaking.

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