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Lecture 5: Ken Binmore, University College London


Fairness Evolved as a Coordinating Device

Time & Place: May 17, 2-4 pm in Nobelparken, 1482-105

Talk abstract:

Insofar as economists acknowledge that fairness is relevant to their subject, they commonly respond by writing a taste for fairness into the preferences of the agents who inhabit their models, thereby finessing the question of why the agents should care about fairness at all. This talk provides a summary of an alternative theory in which fairness is seen as  evolution's solution to the  unavoidable equilibrium selection problem that arises when people interact on an ongoing basis.

Professor Ken Binmore is one of the founders of modern game theory. He has pioneered analytical game theory, experimental economics and the use of game theory to study complex aspects of human culture such as morality and fairness. He has published several books and his papers have appeared in all major economic journals. Because of his many contributions, he is has been elected a fellow of the British Academy and a Foreign Honorary Member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

For more on Professor Binmore and his research, see here:

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