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Coordinator: Dorte Døjbak Håkonsson
Department of Business Administration
Business & Social Sciences, Aarhus University

The Organizations project will explore the generation, dynamics, and behavioral consequences of emotions in individuals, groups and firms and incorporate such findings into organizational design and leadership theory. The research team has previously shown that the relation between organizational climate and organizational strategy is important for firm performance ( Burton, Lauridsen and Obel 2004) and that misfits between managerial cognitive orientation and situational uncertainty may affect organizational performance (Døjbak Håkonsson 2006). This demonstrates the importance of emotional processing in understanding and changing the dynamics of human groups and organizations (Døjbak Håkonsson 2008), and it parallels findings in current neurocognitive research on the importance of emotions. A fuller understanding of the neural dynamics and social interactions underlying emotional processing is therefore essential for a complete understanding of information processing and decision making in organizations, and hence for organization theory and leadership theory.

The first part of the project will examine the information processing mechanisms used to generate and regulate emotional responses. In terms of investigating conditions for autonomous vs. controlled processing in emotion, the team will exploit synergies with the Cognition and Memory stream and the Interacting Minds project. In terms of identifying emotions’ neural substrates, there are synergies to the Integrative Neuroscience and the New Neuroimaging Methods streams. The second part of the project will examine the organizational contexts and social interactions generative of shared emotions, and their consequences for information processing and decision-making. This will be done in close collaboration with the other projects in the Cognition and Culture stream. In particular, experimental designs will be developed with the Interacting Minds project.

The MINDLab "Organizations" activities are embedded in the Research Center Interdisciplinary Centre for Organizational Architecture, directed by MINDLab researcher Børge Obel.


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