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Coordinator: Uffe Juul Jensen

"Center for Sundhed, Menneske og Kultur"
Arts, Aarhus University

The aim of the Evidence project is to map forms of knowledge in relation to the new brain sciences (Roepstorff 2007) and to understand how they are translated across and outside of the scientific realm (Roepstorff 2004). This will place current developments in the cognitive sciences in a broader context of medical philosophy (Jensen 2006) and sociology (Wahlberg 2007). The project lies at the boundaries between ethnography, sociology, and philosophy of science (Jensen 2007, Wahlberg 2008). Through participant observation, textual analysis and conceptual work and in close synergy with the Integrative Neuroscience and New Neuroimaging Methods streams, it will follow and map out in detail how facts are made, transformed and disseminated. This will allow a study, in collaboration with the Cognition and Religion and Interacting Minds projects, of the new narratives about ‘what it is like to be human’, which emerge out of current cognitive research and neuroscience.

The close collaboration between empirical work in cognitive science and meta-discussions in both anthropology and philosophy has been an integral part of cognitive research at the Aarhus University for the past 7 years. By embedding these discussions into the actual research process, it becomes possible to create a space for knowledge reflection within MINDLab, which is considered crucial in establishing new interdisciplinary collaborations. This aspect will be explored in collaboration with the Centre for Educational Development and incorporated in the educational strategy at MINDLab.


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Karin Christiansen   filkc@hum.au.dk   8716 2276
Uffe Juul Jensen   filujj@hum.au.dk   8716 2289
Raffaele Rodogno   filrr@hum.au.dk   8716 2259
Keld Thorgård   filkt@hum.au.dk   8716 2246
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