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Ischemia, Plasticity and Neurorehabilitation


With acute stroke accounting for most adult-onset severe disability, insight into the mechanisms of rehabilitation is of utmost interest. We will identify metabolic and structural substrates for successful neurorehabilitation of deficits that range from minimal conscious state and complete paralysis to minor cognitive and motor impairments. We claim that inhibitory neuronal signaling hinders adaptive plasticity and hence successful neurorehabilitation. First, we will test the hypothesis that the initial volume of hypo- oxygenated tissue correlates better with functional and cognitive outcome than the volume of final infarct. Second, we will work with Prof. Johansen-Berg, Oxford University, to correlate lesion location, flow- metabolism uncoupling (measured by BOLD fMRI) and extent of activation (fMRI and MEG) during motor activation with inhibitory signaling (as measured by TMS and GABA 1H MRS) with outcome after acute stroke. Third, with the COGNITION AND CULTURE stream, we investigate recovery from cognitive deficits.

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