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Core Facilities

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Core Facilities


The core imaging facilities at CFIN/MINDLab are primarily reserved for research projects that have been "peer-reviewed" by the local scientific community. Core staff offers guidance in various aspects of study and paradigm design, and allocates resources for development of methods and/or techniques (e.g. implementaion of new stimuli, MR sequence optimization, etc.). Training is offered on a regular basis on both system usage and data analysis.

Core units

MRI: Siemens Magnetom Tim Trio 3T 

  • 32 & 12 ch head coils
  • physiological monitoring (respiration, pO2, EEG/EMG/ECG)

MEG: Elekta Neuromag Triux 

  • channels: 306 MEG, 128 EEG, 12 bipolar

  • continuous head position monitoring and correction

Navigated TMS 

  • MagVenture MagPro x100 with rapid-rate option
  • Nexstim eXimia 3.2 for coil tracking and navigation

EEG: BrainProducts

  • MR/TMS-compatible amplifiers
  • separate ExG amplifiers for biopotentials (also MR-compatible)
  • active electrodes for normal use
  • dedicated MR- and TMS-compatible EEG caps (32 and 64 channels)

Eye-tracking: EyeLink 1000 by SR Research

  • three dedicated units for MR, MEG and EEG/behavioral

All units:

  • optical response devices by Current Design (fORP)
  • comprehensive audio-visual stimulation setups
  • specialized stimulus setups developed depending on needs

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