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New Neuroimaging Methods


Coordinator: Kim Mouridsen

Health, Aarhus University

Presentation of research area:

The New NeuroImaging Methods stream will develop informatics approaches to address the challenge of an integrative approach to neurocognitive research by developing powerful tools to analyze observations and image data (PET, MRI, MEG etc) across organizational and descriptive levels. The stream will utilize the translational potential of this approach in data-mining driven disease models, increasing sensitivity to subtle, pre-symptomatic pathological variations, promoting early disease detection, targeting of disease mechanisms and detection of efficacy signals in small patient cohorts. The stream will add to the array of neuroimaging tools available across streams and disciplines, developing advanced physics, optimal control theory, to detect plastic changes in the brain at high sensitivity. Advanced Bayesian modeling will be employed to detect spontaneous (‘default mode’ or ‘resting state’) neuronal activity and to study inter-subject synchronization of specific brain regions, key to our use of MEG and fMRI to study the dynamics of brain activation during communication (hyper-scanning) and our studies of memory functions.


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Hansen, Brian   7846 3572
Hobolth, Asger   8715 5573
Jensen, Eva B. Vedel   8715 5792
Jespersen, Sune Nørhøj   7846 3334
Jonsdottir, Kristjana Yr   KRISSA@CFIN.DK   8715 5807
Lund, Torben Ellegaard   7846 4380
Mouridsen, Kim   7846 4404
Nielsen, Niels Christian   8715 5913 / 2899 2541
Nielsen, Thomas   thomas@ONCOLOGY.DK   7846 2627
Vestergaard-Poulsen, Peter   7846 4407
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