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Cognition and Culture


Coordinator: Armin W. Geertz

Department of Culture and Society

Arts, Aarhus University

Presentation of research area:

This stream examines how human cognition and action appear at a nexus between dynamics and constraints inside the brain as well as in the social and physical environment. In Interacting Minds, links between human interaction and brain functioning are examined across domains of action, perception and emotion. The Agency project explores the interplay between experienced and performative agency in real-life interactions as well as experimental settings. The Religion, Cognition and Culture project examines how religion and cognition intersect to constrain and motivate agency, interaction, identity, moral values and symbolic meanings. The fourth sub-project Organizations will extend neuroscientific theories of decision-making and emotions into organizational theories that take into account the modulation of information-processing by individual emotions. Finally, Evidence examines how the current move towards the brain is in conceptual interplay with developments in philosophy and in practical interplay with societal processes. This allows for an integrated reflexive dimension to MINDLab, which is unique in current research organizations. The Cognition and Culture stream examines human behavior in context and interaction through observation, experimentation, reports and neuroscientific investigations.


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Argote, Linda    
Burton, Richard    
Frith, Chris    
Frith, Uta    
Geertz, Armin W.   8716 2473 
Højbjerg, Christian Kordt   8716 2164 
Håkonsson, Dorthe Døjbak   8716 5127
Jensen, Jeppe Sinding   8716 2475
Jensen, Uffe Juul   8716 2289
Mønster, Dan   8716 4958 
Obel, Børge   8716 4835
Otto, Ton   8716 2113
Rodogno, Raffaele   8716 2259
Roepstorff, Andreas   8716 2124
Sørensen, Jesper   8716 2441
Thorgaard, Keld   87162246
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