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Cognition and Memory


Coordinator: Dorthe Berntsen
Department of Psychology and Behavioural Sciences 
Business and Social Sciences, Aarhus University

Presentation of research area:

The Cognition and memory stream explores memory functions, crucial in cognitive processes such as attention, learning, and self-conceptualization. The project will study autobiographical memory (AM), the ability to consciously remember events from the personal past and imagine possible events in the personalfuture. It is conceived as a distinct neurocognitive (brain-mind) system that combines and extends more basic systems in constructing AM’s. Autobiographical memory hence provides a unique setting for studying how memories are embedded in social, cultural and linguistic contexts. The project develops considerable translational potential, expanding basic AM research to explain dysfunctional memory in clinical disorders such as Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and brain damage. 

The MINDLab Cognition and Memory activities are embedded in the Center on Autobiographical Memory Research, CON AMORE, A Centre of Excellence under the Danish National Research Foundation.


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Berntsen, Dorthe   8716 5868
Bohn, Annette   8716 5864
Bohn, Ocke-Schwen   8716 2642 
Kingo, Osman Skjold   8716 5862
Krøjgaard, Peter   8716 5861 
Rubin, David C.         
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