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Cognition, Language and Music


Coordinator: Sten Vikner
Department of English
Arts, Aarhus University

Presentation of research area:

The overarching goal for the COGNITION, LANGUAGE AND MUSIC stream is to develop and test methods that will allow for an ecologically valid investigation of structural elements of texts and music on all levels of abstraction, i.e., from morphemes/tones, via sentences/harmonies to narratives and musical pieces. Current research has significantly increased our understanding of how linguistic and musical cognition are related to brain architecture. FMRI studies have shown that there is interplay between specific changes in linguistic structure and specific changes in cortical activity (Christensen 2008), and cortical overlap between semantic and visuo-spatial representations (Wallentin 2005, Wallentin in press). Furthermore, there is at least partial cortical overlap in the processing of linguistic and numerical structure, and in the processing of linguistic and musical structure (Vuust 2006). The entire endeavor builds upon the methodological inventiveness made possible by the unique collaboration between the three groups, spanning both formal and functional approaches to the study of language and music. The COGNITION, LANGUAGE AND MUSIC stream relies heavily on the means of sophisticated data analysis developed in the NEW NEURIOIMAGING METHODS stream to identify structural features of language and music. This again feeds into the INTEGRATIVE NEUROSCIENCE stream and the Interacting Minds project because problems with the producing and comprehending words and symbols are frequently closely related to aphasia, right hemisphere damage, autism, and schizophrenia.


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Christensen, Ken Ramshøj   8716 2567 / 7846 9938
Dohn, Anders   7846 4408
Kratschmer, Alexandra   8716 2604 
Näätänen, Risto     7846 9939
Petersen, Bjørn Bønne    7846 4408
Stjernfelt, Frederik    8716 3195
Togeby, Ole   8716 3168 
Vikner, Sten   8716 2639
Villarreal, Eduardo Adrián Garza   7846 4408
Vuust, Peter   7846 1617 / 2711 9471
Wallentin, Mikkel   8716 3186
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