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 Poster Presenter
Titel of Poster
Alexandra Kratschmer - Valentina Bambini

Understanding and misunderstanding literal and non-literal speech

Alexandra Kratschmer et al.
Neurofeedback Assisted Foreign Language Learning - UpcomingProject 2011
Anders Dohn

Absolute pitch – identification, production and autism

Anne S. Rasmussen Exploring the Functions of Autobiographical Memory
Anne Tietze Advanced magnetic resonance imaging techniques - a tool to determine brain tumour types and grades and to assess therapy response
Armin W. Geertz Religion, Mysticism and Atheism: A Biocultural Approach
Armin W. Geertz Jeppe Sinding
Religion, Cognition and Culture (RCC)
Bjørn Petersen
Music for Little Digital Ears – music learning in preschool children with cochlear implants

Brian Hansen

Developing the MR microscope

Christina Ottsen The Cultural Life Script of Qatar
Dan Mønster Shared emotions in organizations

Dimitris Xygalatas

Extreme Rituals - the cognition of extreme ritual behaviours

Donald F. Smith

Antidepressant Receptor Occupancy of [11C]Mirtazapine in Humans

Eduardo a. Garza Villarreal
Harmony wants to sit in the front
Emilia Horjales Brain imaging studies on the relationship between pain and emotions
Erik Daa Funder Synthesis of Neurotransmitter Derivatives for SELEX

Gabriel Levy

Torah and Mind: Judaic systems, writing, and cognition

Gregers Wegener

Neuropeptide s alters anxiety-like, but not depression-like behavior in the flinders sensitive line rats, a genetic animal model of depression

Hildur Finnbogadottir Mental Time Travel in High and Low Worriers

Ivana Konvalinka

Neural Oscillations of Interpersonal Coordination: 
 A Dual EEG Study of Joint Tapping

Jakob Udby Blicher Why have previous fMRI studies of stroke stroke rehabilitation failed in explaining recovery?

Jeppe Sinding Jensen

Normative cognition: A uniquely human cognitive capacity

Jesper Østergaaard

The topographic mind: connecting cognition to landscape

Joshua Skewes

The Fallacy of Indefinite Cognitive States

Karsten Olsen

Social Interaction Enhances the Rate of  Visual Perceptual Learning in Individuals

Ken Ramshøj Christensen Linguistic Processing Cost and Error Signal in Broca’s Region
Kristian Tylén Coming to Terms: dyads’ performance in a joint decision task depends on their degree of linguistic alignment
Kristian Tylén Together in Gaze and Gesture: social interaction versus social observation in the brain
Katrine Willemoes Rasmussen

Mental Time Travel in patients with Traumatic Brain Injury

Kristina Dupont Hougaard

Remote ischemic perconditioning in acute stroke: an endogeneous model to generate neuroprotection
Kristine Rømer Thomsen Impact of emotion on conscious experience: linking emotion and consciousness
Kristoffer L. Nielbo & Jesper Sørensen Investigating Ritualized Behavior
- Spontaneous & hierarchical processing of non-functional events
Lene Vase
Sensitization contributes to phantom limb pain
Lene Vase Pain catastrophizing and cortical responses
Line Gebauer
To people with autism, music might be the language of emotions…
Lone Knudsen

Pain modulation: What do brain imaging studies tell us?

Maja O'Connor Positive and negative experoences in relation to bereavement outcome.

Martin Dietz

Mismatch negativity in a patient with frontal neglect measured with electroencephalography (EEG)

Mette Buhl Callesen Pathological Gambling in Parkinson’s Disease
Mikkel Wallentin Amygdala responses from listening to intense parts of a story
Mikkel Wallentin The MET test
Morten Jønsson

Functional connectivity in depression: a meg study

Osman S. Kingo

Investigating memories over very long delays in 12-month-old infants

Osman S. Kingo

The Magic Shrinking Machine revised: Does the presence of the props make a difference?

Osman S. Kingo

A study of the effect of adult narration on the flexible recollection of small children

Panagiotis Mitkidis

Ritual, Social Cohesion, and (Religious) Authority - A Game Theoretical Approach

Peter Mondrup Rasmussen Visualization of nonlinear kernel models in neuroimaging by sensitivity maps

Peter Vuust

Differentiating musicians using a fast, musical multi-feature MMN-paradigm

Project Initiation Group

MINDLab Infrastructure and PIG

Raffaele Rodogno

Autism@Aarhus / Agency, Science, & Ethics

Randi Abrahamsen Hypnosis modulates BOLD activity in patients with temporomandibular disorder pain

Rikke Beese Dalby

White matter lesions in late-onset major depression

Satu Pakarinen
A new mismatch negativity (MMN) -paradigm: Measuring auditory discrimination for duration, frequency, intensity and location of six levels of deviation magnitude
Satu Pakarinen

New Fast Multi-Feature Paradigms for Measuring Several Mismatch Negativities (MMN) to Acoustic and Phonetic Sound Changes

Sita Ramchandra Kotnis Hearts & Minds - and Brains... An Ethnographic Exploration of Military Neuroscience, Human Enhancement and the Construction of the 21st Century Soldier

Sune Nørhøj Jespersen

Brain microstructure and plasticity from diffusion MRI

Tina Jeppesen Reminiscence work with elderly people with dementia in a reminiscence versus control condition

Trine Gjerløff

Adult ADHD & PET - A double-blind randomized controlled trial of treatment
 with atomoxetine, methylphenidate or placebo.

Valentina Bambini - Alexandra Kratschmer Understanding probability judgments in language

Vibeke F. Bliksted

Social Cognition in First-Episode Schizophrenia: Theory of Mind and Social Perception
Uffe Schjødt Talking to God: Highly religious participants recruit areas of social cognition in personal prayer
Uffe Schjødt The Power of Charisma

Yi-Ching Lynn Ho

Structural and functional changes in brain associated with visual field improvement after therapy in a case of hemianopia

Yi-Ching Lynn Ho Is the capacity for oxygen extraction modulated by capillary behaviour upon functional brain activity? A potentially unexplained factor of the BOLD response

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