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Conference on
Music And Language In The Brain
The Royal Academy of Music, Aarhus, May 26-27, 2011 


Sentences, texts and music are different types of input to the brain which have in common that they all have an internal structure (a “syntax”), spanning a number of levels of abstractions, from morphemes/tones, via sentences / harmonies to narratives and musical pieces. The Music and Language in the Brain conference will therefore address the following topics, central to current mind-brain debates:

  • To what extent do computations performed to process language (or music) rely on specific linguistic (or musical) processes or on general cognitive principles?
  • What are the structural parallels and differences between musical input and linguistic input?
  • Are there conceptual and cortical overlaps between musical input and linguistic input?
  • How do theories of language, music and other structured symbol systems map onto brain architecture?

Speakers include:

  • Robert J. Zatorre (McGill, Montreal)
  • David Pesetsky (MIT, Cambridge MA)
  • Sonja Kotz (Max Planck Institute, Leipzig)
  • Stefan Koelsch (Freie Universität Berlin)
  • Douglas Saddy (CINN, Reading)
  • Morten Kringelbach (University of Oxford)
  • Peter Vuust (Royal Academy of Music, Aarhus)
  • Mikkel Wallentin (MINDLab, Aarhus)
  • Ken Ramshøj Christensen (MINDLab, Aarhus)

See program for more details
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