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Integrative Neuroscience


Coordinator: Troels Staehelin Jensen
Danish Pain Research Center
Aarhus University Hospital
Health, Aarhus University

Presentation of research area:

The integrative neuroscience stream considers the interactions of neurons that bridge the gap between cellular and cognitive neuroscience. The work in this stream addresses the mechanism of plasticity that underlies the physiological processes of maturation and learning, and the pathological processes of maladaptation and degeneration. The researchers in the stream apply these insights to the understanding of the devastating diseases that arise from disordered plasticity, ranging from depression, pain, and addiction on one hand, to schizophrenia, Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease on the other, as well as the novel plasticity-based therapies of deep brain stimulation and neurorehabilitation.


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Aziz, Tipu        
Bjarkam, Carsten   8716 7632
Finnerup, Nanna Brix   FINNERUP@KI.AU.DK   7846 3455 / 8949 9941
Frith, Chris    
Frith, Uta    
Gjedde, Albert    2178 8531 
Jensen, Troels Staehelin    TSJENSEN@KI.AU.DK    7846 4137 
Kringelbach, Morten L.    
Linnet, Jakob   7846 3029
Møller, Arne   7846 4424 / 4029 3045
Rosenberg, Raben   7789 3511
Sørensen, Jens Christian   7846 3461
Vase, Lene       8716 5828
Vestergaard-Poulsen, Peter   7846 4407
Østergaard, Karen        7846 3288 
Østergaard, Leif   7846 4091 / 3093 9913
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