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Experimental Methods in the Study of Cognition and Culture


Summer University Course at Aarhus University, Denmark,

August 1 – 26, 2011.

This 4-week course is aimed at graduate students in the humanities and social sciences interested in an introduction to experimental methods engaging questions in the interface of cognition and culture. The course will combine top-level lectures by internationally renowned specialists (Pascal Boyer, Jessie Prinz, Quinton Deeley and Chris and Uta Frith), with practical instructions, teaching and workshops aimed to enhance students’ abilities to engage in concrete research projects that address well-defined research questions. The course thus aims to (a) sharpen participants’ theoretical awareness through concrete instructions in a number of experimental methods (e.g. behavioral experiments, game theory, fMRI); (b) enhance their abilities to identify and delineate relevant scientific problems; and to (c) construct realistic research projects through a ’hand-on-process’ involving cooperation in small groups aimed at constructing, and perhaps piloting, concrete experiments.

Deadline for application March 15 (apply here)

The course is organized by the research group on Religion, Cognition and Culture (RCC), at the Section for the Study of Religion, in cooperation with MINDLab, Aarhus University.

Link to course description: http://www.au.dk/en/summeruniversity/courses2011/languageculturehistorytheologyandphilosophy/

Link to Summer University in Aarhus: http://www.au.dk/en/summeruniversity/ausummeruniversity/

Link to MINDLab: http://www.mindlab.au.dk/

Contact person: Associate Professor, Jesper Sørensen, Section for the Study of Religion, Aarhus University: jsn@teo.au.dk

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