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5-7 December 2013
Aarhus CTTH Workshop 2013
The second Aarhus CTTH Workshop will be held on 5-7 December 2013 at ARoS Art Museum and the DNC Auditorium, Aarhus University Hospital. The objectives for the workshop is to address the relations between blood-brain-barrier function, vascular signaling, and neurovascular coupling in health and disease.

In particular:

  • How do capillary morphology, blood-brain-barrier function, and vascular signaling change in disease?
  • How do changes in microvascular function relate to parallel changes in neurovascular coupling?
  • How can we study and modify microvascular function in disease?

Read more at the workshop webpages ...

27 November 2013
NeuroCampus Aarhus/DNC guest talk: Risto Ilmoniemi
Academy Professor Risto Ilmoniemi, Department of Biomedical Engineering and Computational Science - BECS, Aalto University School of Science is viviting Aarhus and will give a guest talk:
New Developments in MEG/EEG and Brain Stimulation Technologies
DATE: Wednesday 27 November 2013
TIME: 14.30
PLACE: DNC Auditorium, Aarhus University Hospital, Building 10G, Nørrebrogade 44, Aarhus C
Read abstract here ...
9 October 2013
NeuroCampus Aarhus/DNC guest talk: Max Garagnani
Dr Max Garagnani, Plymouth University, Free University – Berlin, & Medical Research Council, Cambridge is visiting Aarhus and will give a guest talk:
Modelling language in action: simulating the emergence and dynamics of action-perception circuits in a neuroanatomically grounded model of fronto-temporal cortical areas
DATE: Wednesday 9 October 2013
TIME: 14.30
PLACE: Auditorium K, Aarhus University Hospital, Building 7, Nørrebrogade 44, Aarhus C 
Read abstract here ...
7 October 2013
MINDLab / Interacting Minds Symposium
Theoretical issues arising from recent research on pain and pain empathy: A symposium with Frederique de Vignemont
DATE: 7 October 2013
TIME: 14.00 - 17.00
PLACE: Interacting Minds Centre, Jens Chr. Sous Vej 4, Building 1483, 3rd floor
Guest Speaker: Frederique de Vignemont (Institut Jean Nicod, Paris), 
Read more and see program here ...
3 September 2013
Two guest talks by Professor Yori Gidron
Tuesday 3 September 2013 the PET-centre and CFIN are hosting two guest talks by Professor of behavior medicine at Free University of Brussels, Belgium
Yori Gidron
All interested are very welcome to attend the guest talks in the DNC Auditorium.

DATE: Tuesday 3 September 2013
TIME: 10.00 - 11.00
PLACE: DNC Auditorium (Palle Juul-Jensen Auditorium), Aarhus University Hospital, Building 10G, Nørrebrogade 44, 8000 Aarhus C.
TITLE: The role of hemispheric lateralization in health & disease.

Hemispheric lateralization is the tendency to activate one side of the brain more than the other or to utilize mainly one side for certain functions. Numerous studies has found that left hemispheric lateralization is related to immune enhancement while right hemispheric lateralization is related to immune suppression. Yori Gidron, Professor of behavior medicine, Free University of Brussels, Belgium, will in the present talk review laterality-immunity research in humans and argue that there is a need for using gold-standard measures of brain activity, i.e., MRI og MEG.
DATE: Tuesday 3 September 2013
TIME: 15.00 - 16.00
PLACE: DNC Auditorium (Palle Juul-Jensen Auditorium), Aarhus University Hospital, Building 10G, Nørrebrogade 44, 8000 Aarhus C.
TITLE: The role of the vagus nerve in cancer modulation.

Yori Gidron, Professor of behavior medicine, Free University of Brussels, Belgium, will in the present talk provides evidence for the hypothesis that vagal nerve activity reduces the risk of major diseases. These diseases include cardiovascular disease, cancer, Alzheimer's disease and the metabolic syndrome. Three basic mechanisms contribute to such illnesses: local oxidative stress and DNA damage, inflammatory reactions and excessive sympathetic responses, all of which are inhibited by vagal nerve activity. By proposing an integrative neurobiological model of major diseases, identifying people at risk for, and treating patients with, such diseases may be done more efficiently. This proposed disease paradigm may have important preventative and therapeutic implications, whose clinical effects need to be investigated.
For further information about the two guest talks, please contact:
Michael Winterdahl, PET-centre ( or
Trine Gjerløff, CFIN (
2-5 September 2013
MINDLab Recurrence Analysis Workshop
Implementation of Recurrence Quantification Analysis on Real-World Data of All Kinds
by Charles L. Webber, Jr., Ph.D.
Recurrence quantification analysis (RQA) is a nonlinear, multidimensional tool for the diagnosis of real-world signals in time and space.  This methodology has a two-decade history of successful implementation on dynamical systems stemming from multiple disciplines.  The purpose of this workshop is to introduce RQA principles and strategies that may be applied to signals of interest to the attendees.  We will discuss the purpose and proper selection of the many RQA parameters and how to interpret the various RQA variables.  Specific approaches has RQA can be used to predict dynamical transitions between states will be explored.  The influence of dynamical noise, non-steady states and system singularities on recurrence plots and quantifications will also be noted.  No programming skills are required and free RQA software will be distributed.

For more information and to register, go here:

27 August
MINDLab, Interacting Minds, Autism@Aarhus, DNC Seminar:
Autism@Aarhus 2013 Symposium: 3rd Anniversary Meeting.
DATE: 27 August 2013
TIME: 13.30 - 16.50
PLACE: DNC Auditorium, Aarhus University Hospital, Building 10G, Nørrebrogade 44, 8000 Aarhus C.
Please come to the third Autism@Aarhus Anniversary meeting. You will hear what is happening now in autism research within, as well as outside, Aarhus University.
ALL INTERESTED ARE WELCOME. We look forward to seeing you.
27 August 2013
Guest Talk: Pascale Sandmann
Music In the Brain Guest Talk by Pascale Sandmann, Cluster of Excellence “Hearing4all”, Department of Neurology, Hannover Medical School, Germany
DATE: Tuesday 27 August 2013
TIME: 11.00 - 12.00
PLACE: 8th floor meeting room, AUH, building 10, Nørrebrogade 44, 8000 Aarhus C
Electrophysiological signatures of cortical plasticity in cochlear-implant users

Previous studies have shown that both sensory deprivation and cochlear implantation can induce cortical plasticity. However, it is not well understood how the deprivation-induced cortical reorganization affects the adaptation of the auditory cortex to the cochlear implant (CI) signal. To better understand the dynamics of cortical reorganization and its relation to the individual outcome with a CI, we designed a longitudinal study involving EEG recording sessions before and after cochlear implantation. We examined postlingually-deafened individuals and carefully matched normal-hearing listeners in a discrimination task with different frequency-modulated tones (auditory condition) and patterns of coherent motion (visual condition). The results revealed an enhancement of auditory discrimination ability over the period of one year following cochlear implantation. At the same time, CI users showed an increase of the N1 event-related potential (ERP) for the auditory condition, whereas the P1 ERP for the visual condition was smaller in CI users compared with normal-hearing listeners. Importantly, the amplitude of the visual ERP was inversely related to the speech recognition ability with a CI. Our results demonstrate a rapid adaptation of the auditory cortex in elderly CI recipients and indicate associations between changes in the visual and auditory modality during CI rehabilitation.


26-30 August 2013
Aarhus Psychiatric post graduate Summer School 2013
The Aarhus Psychiatric post graduate Summer School 2013 will take place in the last week of August - 26-30 August 2013.
This year we are pleased to offer four different courses:
  • Treatment and prevention of Physical Illnesses in Mentally Disordered
    Two days course 26.08.2013-27.08.2013, 350 EUR
  • Training in Scientific Writing and Publishing
    Five days course 26.08.2013-30-08.2013, 400 EUR
  • The clinical aspects of delirium 28.08.2013
    One day course 28.08.2013, 150 EUR
  • Physical activity and health promotion in patients with severe mental illness
    Two days course 29.08.2013-30.08.2013, 300 EUR

All courses are now open for registration following the principle of ‘first come, first served’. Above rates are discounted when choosing two or more courses as follows. Registration for two courses gives you a discount of a total of 50 EUR and registration for three courses gives you a discount of a total of 100 EUR.

Course faculty:

Christian Gold, Austria/Norway, Peter Manu, New York, USA, David Meagher, Limerick, Ireland, Davy Vancampfort, Leuven, Belgium and from Aarhus University Hospital Birgitte Christiansen, Lene Nyboe Jacobsen, Mette Them Krarup, Povl Munk-Jørgensen, Lisbeth Uhrskov Sørensen, Gregers Wegener.

The courses are sponsored exclusively by Aarhus Universitetshospital, Risskov.

Further information about the Aarhus Psychiatric post graduate Summer School 2013
Contact: Mette Them Krarup /  

22 August 2013 
MINDLab lecture series on Cognition and Culture 2013

DATE: 22 August 2013
TIME: 13.00 - 15.00
PLACE: Building 1453, room 229

Dr. Christophe Heintz
Assistant professor, Central European University

The epidemiology of a mathematical representation

The history of science and mathematics are well documented cases of cultural evolution. I apply and develop the attractor model of cultural evolution to the introduction of the notion of infinitesimal in the French 18th century. I argue that mathematicians learning about the calculus at the time tended to interpret infinitesimals as evanescent rather than atomistic quantities because the former, but not the latter, could piggyback on the cognitive system for parallel individuation and object tracking. This provided the calculus with a better grasp on intuition, thus making it more relevant. In turn, the ensuing interpretation paved the way for the development of the notion of limit. I conclude that mathematics, as a cognitive and cultural artefact, results from an evolutionary process where cognitive factors of attraction play a part.

8 August 2013 
MINDLab lecture series on Cognition and Culture 2013

DATE: 8 August 2013
TIME: 13.00 - 15.00
PLACE: Building 1453, room 229

Dr. Bradley Franks
Senior Lecturer, Dept. of Social Psychology, London School of Economics

"How Social” is the Evolved Mind, and How Could We Know?

Evolutionary approaches to the mind emphasise its social origins and cultural qualities. This should bring these approaches into close accord with long-established social constructionist views in social psychology. I will differentiate between two different approaches to the social construction of the mind – a relatively “weak” causal social construction and a “stronger” constitutive social construction. I will note how modular approaches to evolutionary psychology express causal social construction, but appear incompatible with constitutive social construction.  Non-modular approaches to the evolution of mind are more compatible with constitutive social construction.  Given that these views are both likely to be accurate, but for different mental capacities, the question arises as to how we could empirically differentiate them. The designs of most studies used to generate empirical evidence regarding the evolved foundations of mind and its cultural influences – such as the search for universals and the emphasis on cognitive development – assume causal social construction. I will then ask what kind of evidence could demonstrate that an evolved mind was constitutively socially constructed.  If the mind really is strongly social for evolutionary reasons, how could we know?

5-30 August 2013
AU Summer University
RCC, MINDLab and IMC3 are happy to announce this years Summer University Course at Aarhus University, August 5-30 2013
Experimental Methods in the Study of Cognition and Culture
What can cognition and brain function tell us about culture? And how does culture influence cognitive processing and brain functions? The interface between culture on the one hand, and cognition and brain science on the other is a fast-developing research area attracting numerous scholars and scientists with different backgrounds. Neuroscientists, psychologists, sociologists, economists, anthropologists, and humanists of various sorts seek to find out how evolved cognitive capacities, cultural learning and social and institutional forms interact to constrain, or even produce, human behavior. Such interdisciplinary work not only calls for a high degree of translatability between terminologies found in each individual discipline. It further calls for knowledge about, and experience with, different methodologies. This course is directed to students of human behavior with a background in social sciences or the humanities who have an interest in using experimental methods in investigating their topic. It combines practical teaching in experimental methods involving formulation of students own research protocols with lectures on topics targeting the relation between cognition and culture by internationally known top-level scientist.

More information:

Contact information:
Jesper Sørensen, Department of Culture and Society / 
25-26 June 2013
Minds in Common conference in Paris
MINDLab and the Institut Jean Nicod in Paris are working together in organising the Minds in Common conference 25-26 June 2013 in Paris.
Read program here ...
20-21 June 2013
CON AMORE Conference at Aarhus University
The conference: Social Perspectives on Autobiographical Memory - Memory and Imagination will take place at Aarhus University on 20-21 June 2013.
  • Amanda Barnier, Macquarie University (Australia)
  • Annette Bohn, Aarhus University (Denmark)
  • Maryanne Garry, Victoria University of Wellington (New Zealand)
  • Gail Goodman, University of California, Davis (USA)
  • William Hirst, New School for Social Research (USA)
  • Monisha Pasupathi, University of Utah (USA)
  • Michael Ross, University of Waterloo (Canada)
The conference is hosted by CON AMORE a Center of Excellence located at Aarhus University and funded by The Danish National Research Foundation.
Deadline for submission of poster abstracts is January 15, 2013.
Read more here ...
17 May 2013
IMC Lecture 5: Ken Binmore, University College London
Fairness Evolved as a Coordinating Device
DATE: 17 May 2013
TIME: 2-4 pm
PLACE: Nobelparken, 1482-105
Read more here ...
16 May 2013
PhD defense: Páll Ragnar Karlsson
MSc Páll Ragnar Karlsson will defend his PhD thesis:
Morphological assessment of nerve fibers from skin biopsies in healthy individuals and patients with small fiber neuropathy
DATE: Thursday 16 May 2013
TIME: 14.00
PLACE: Palle Juul-Jensen Auditorium (DNC Auditorium), building 10G, Aarhus University Hospital, Nørrebrogade 44.
The defense is public and will be in English.
Assessment committée:

  • Professor Michael Polydefkis,Department of Neurology, The Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, USA
  • Professor Henrik Daa Schrøder, Clinical Institute, Odense University Hospital, DK
  • Associate Professor Marina Romero-Ramos (chairman), Institute for Biomedicine, Aarhus University

After the defence the Danish Pain Research Center will host a reception in front of the auditorium. 
15 May 2013
Guest lecture: Professor Michael Polydefkis, MD
Professor Michael Polydefkis, MD, Director, EMG Laboratory at Bayview, Director, Cutaneous Nerve Laboratory, Department of Neurolgy, Johns Hopkins Medical School of Medicine, Baltimore, MD, USA, will give a lecture on the topic:
Cutaneus nerve fibres in peripheral nerve diseases
DATE: Wednesday 15 May 2013
TIME: 3. p.m
PLACE: CFIN meeting room 5th floor, AUH, building 10G
Read more about Professor Polydefkis here ...

5-7 May 2013
XXVII Sandbjerg Symposium, Danish Society for Neuroscience - Auditory and visual perception
The Danish Society for Neuroscience in collaboration with the Grete Lundbeck European Brain Research Foundation is organizing the XXVII Sandbjerg Symposium on 5-7 May 2013 at Sandbjerg Estate near Sønderborg, DK. This year the winners of the Brain Prize 2012, Christine Petit, France and Karen Steel, England, who won the Brain Prize ‘for their unique, world-leading contributions to our understanding of the genetic regulation of the development and functioning of the ear, and for elucidating the causes of many of the hundreds of inherited forms of deafness’, will be among the speakers in the program, entitled Auditory and visual perception.

Read more about the symposium and see program here ...
Deadline for early registration: 15 march 2013
Deadline for late registration: 1 April 2013 
25 April 2013
MINDLab workshop on Information and Predictability in Social Interactions 
Method-workshop with two aims:
  • to share ideas, issues and methods between researchers trying to develop models and experimental quantifications of social interactions
  • to foreground the notions of information and predictability which are implicit in many studies of social interactions, as well as their methodological consequences
The workshop is organized by Riccardo Fusaroli, FKK & Eurocores Postdoctoral Fellow, Center for Semiotics - Institute of Aesthetics and Communication Interacting Minds - Center of Functionally Integrative Neuroscience, Aarhus University
Read more here ...
23 April 2013
IMC Lecture by Robert Kurzban, University of Pennsylvania
The Interacting Minds Center (IMC) is hosting a lecture by Robert Kurzban from University of Pennsylvania, entitled:
Morality as a Dynamic Coordination Device.
DATE: Tuesday 23 April 2013
TIME: 14.00 - 16.00
PLACE: Nobelparken, building 1482, room 105, Aarhus University.
Read more here ...
19 April 2013
PhD defense: Line Gebauer
Master of Science (Psychology) Line Gebauer is defending her PhD thesis:
Music and language processing in Autism Spectrum Disorder.
Autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder, which means that the brain function differently and is differently connected in people diagnosed with autism. People
with autism often have impaired language, stereotypic behaviors/interests and social-emotional difficulties. This PhD project investigated brain organization and function in autism, and emotional brain processing of music and speech.
Read more here ... (in English) and here ... 
8-9 April 2013
Conference on Cooperation: Why, How, and With Whom?
8-9 April 2013 at Aarhus University, Denmark.
The conference Cooperation: Why, How and with Whom? is part of the Bochum-Aarhus Cooperation III
Scientific Organization by: A. Fiebich, J. Michael, A. Newen, A. Roepstorff 

Read more, see deadlines and preliminary program here ...

4-5 April 2013
Predictions, Bodies and Ecologies
Workshop on Predictions, Bodies and Ecologies: new directions for the cognitive sciences? 
The workshop is organized by Interacting Minds Centre and MINDLab (Josh Skewes, Riccardo Fusaroli, Kristian Tylén) and will take place:
DATE 4-5 April 2013
TIME: 9.00 - 18.00 & 9.00 - 13.00
PLACE: Richard Mortensen Stuen, Studenternes Hus
Read more here ...
8 March 2013
IMC lecture with David Sumpter, Uppsala University
The Interacting Minds Center (IMC) is hosting a guest lecture with David Sumpter from Uppsala University. The title of David Sumpter's talk is:
How colonies and swarms co-ordinate without a leader
Research on the collective behaviour of animals has increased rapidly over recent years, attracting attention both in the popular media and from scientists from a wide variety of different disciplines. The basic research question is how individuals interact to produce collective patterns, on a scale far larger than the size of a single individual, in the absence of any centralised control. Ant trail networks, locust swarms, bird flocks, fish schools and human crowds are all key examples. Answering this question involves mathematical modelling, where computer simulations appear to show how collective patterns emerge. As research in this area intensifies, more rigorous standards are needed to validate these models against reality. It is not sufficient to simply run a model and say that it 'looks like' a bird flock or a fish school. In this talk I will present recent work in which we use automated tracking data to quantify how fish and ants interact with each other, and show how these interactions produce co-ordiated motion and collective structures. I will also present examples of social behaviour in humans, namely gaze-following and audience clapping. These studies show that, by linking global universal patterns to detailed observations of behaviour, we obtain often surprising insights in to the simplicity of how individuals interact with each other and the complexity of the patterns they produce.
DATE: 8 March 2013
TIME: 14-16
PLACE: Aarhus university, Building 1482, room 105.
See full program at
6-8 March 2013
Workshop on Modelling Emerging Norms
A workshop with presentations, demonstrations, and informal discussion centred around the evolution of norms and conventions.
For more information on speakers, program and registration, please follow this link
DATE: 6-8 March 2013
PLACE: Interacting Minds Centre, Aarhus University.
Registration deadline is 20 February 2013 (or when available places are taken). 
1 March 2013
Guest talk by Dr. Martin Ingvar
Dr. Martin Ingvar, professor of integrative medicine at Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden, and leader of the Osher Center for Integrative Medicine will visit Aarhus and give a talk entitled:
Why don’t I do as I say? Human decisionmaking in context.
DATE: Friday 1 March 2013
TIME: 9:30
PLACE: DNC-auditorium, Aarhus University Hospital, Building 10G, Nørrebrogade 44, 8000 Aarhus C.
Immediately after the talk, there will be a CFIN project presentation (at 11-12, also in DNC-auditorium) by: 
Daniel Lundqvist (Karolinska) and Chris Bailey (CFIN) on an joint-venture MEG-project being planned in Aarhus.
Read abstract for Dr. Ingvar's talk here ...
22 February 2013
Inaugural Interacting Minds Lecture
Friday 22 February 2013, Professor Robin Dunbar will hold the inaugural Interacting Minds Lecture, hosted by the newly established Interacting Minds Centre at Aarhus University. The talk will be followed by a reception at the Centre. Everybody is welcome to attend the lecture as well as the reception.
Professor Robin Dunbar:
What is so Social about the Social Brain?
DATE: Friday 22 February 2013
TIME: 2.00-4.00 pm
PLACE: Tåsingegade 1441-112

Professor Robin Dunbar holds a position in Evolutionary Psychology at Oxford University and is a Fellow of the British Academy for the humanities and social sciences. His research has provided groundbreaking insights on the deep biological and cognitive bases of human social interaction. He was one of the first psychologists to propose and provide evidence for the idea that the human brain was made for social interaction. Our social brains, Professor Dunbar’s research shows, facilitate and enable the ultra-complexity of human social life. At the same time, our minds and brains – designed to operate within small-scale groups of ancestral humans – constrain and direct how social interaction unfolds even today. In particular, Professor Dunbar’s research has shown how the number of stable relationships that each of us form consistently converge around the number 150, famously nicknamed Dunbar’s number. In his talk, Professor Dunbar will provide an overview of some of his research on the social nature of the human brain and provide new insights on what exactly is so social about it. 
24-25 January 2013
Centre for Semiotic's annual Winter Symposium on Extended Problem Solving
How does the use of external means support collective problem solving? We address this issue by speaking about "Extended Problem Solving", comprising the issue of problem solving involving the interaction of several agents, and the issue of how the manipulation of external tools, such as artifacts, maps, models and diagrams, may support reasoning processes. 
The conference brings together international scholars from a broad range of experimental and conceptual approaches to discuss 1) how the externalization of thought in representational artifacts affords collective reasoning, 2) how various properties of external representations can be negotiated, manipulated and explored to gain new insights and solve problems.
15 January 2013
Handwriting is Brainwriting?: Intersections Between Graphology and the Neurosciences
Melissa Littlefield, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Interacting Minds Centre,  15/1, 11 AM, building 1483, 3.
Graphology, or the study of handwriting for clues about character, has been a popular American pastime for nearly two centuries. During this time, various graphologists have relied on the phrase “handwriting is brainwriting” as a means of legitimating their practice. The assumption here is that if graphology seeks access to the self, it is able to do so because of connections between the hand and the brain. In this presentation, I unpack the phrase “handwriting is brainwriting” by looking for convergences between graphology and the neurosciences. I ask why neuroscience and graphology might ostensibly share the brain as a common locus of self? And how both diagnostic technologies potentially construct the self as stable and knowable via a transparent human body? I argue that graphology and the neurosciences share several ideological assumptions that allow a phrase such as “handwriting is brainwriting” to proliferate. 


21 December 2012
PhD defense: Micah Allen
MA (Philosophy) Micah Allen is defending his PhD thesis:
Mental Training and Neuroplasticity: Theoretical and Empirical Insights.
DATE: 21 December 2012
TIME: 10.00
PLACE: DNC Auditorium, Aarhus University Hospital, Building 10G, Nørrebrogade 44, 8000 Aarhus C.
After the defense there will be a reception in the DNC-house.
Read more here ... 

29 November 2012
Music In the Brain guest talk by Dr. Andrea Halpern
Dr. Andrea Halpern, Bucknell University, USA is visiting the Music In the Brain research group and will give a guest talk entitled:
Memory for Music and Art in Alzheimer’s Disease
DATE: Thursday 29 November 2012
TIME: 14.30
PLACE: CFIN meeting room, 5th floor (room 10G-5-07)
Read abstract here ...
26 November 2012
PhD defense: Anders Dohn
Master of Music Anders Dohn, Royal Academy of Music Aarhus (RAMA) and Center of Functionally Integrative Neuroscience (CFIN), Institute for Clinical Medicine, Aarhus University, will defend his PhD thesis:
Behavioral and neural correlates of absolute pitch ability.
DATE: Monday 26 November 2012
TIME: 14:00
PLACE: Palle Juul-Jensen Auditorium (DNC Auditorium), Aarhus University Hospital, Building 10G, Nørrebrogade 44, 8000 Aarhus C
Read more here ...  (in Danish)
26 November 2012
Music In the Brain Guest Talk by Professor Eckart Altenmüller
Professor Dr.Med.Sc. Eckart Altenmüller from University of Music, Drama and Media in Hannover, Germany is visiting Aarhus and will give a Music In the Brain guest talk entitled:
Apollos Gift and Curse: The musician's brain as a model for Neuroplasticity
DATE: 26 November 2012
TIME: 10.00
PLACE: CFIN meeting room on the 4th floor


9 November 2012
PhD defense: Rasmus Aamand Olesen
M.Sc (Biology) Rasmus Aamand Olesen, Institute for Bioscience and Center of Functionally Integrative Neuroscience (CFIN), Institute for Clinical Medicine, Aarhus University, will defend his PhD thesis:
From Nitrate and Nitrite to NO – Coupling Blood and Brain.
DATE: Friday 9 November 2012
TIME: 13:00 - 16:00
PLACE: Merete Barker Auditorium, The Lake Auditoriums, Aarhus University
Read more here ... (in Danish)
6-7 November 2012
Synergetics workshop by Günter Schiepek
Synergetics is a field of research of many-component systems that organise themselves spontaneously and operate on multiple time-scales. Synergetics originated in work on non equilibrium thermodynamics, particularly laser-research, but has been used a foundational theory for the working of the nervous system and behavioural dynamics. The workshop on Synergetics by Günter Schiepek gives an introduction to the theoretical frame work including data analysis strategies and applications in the behavioural sciences and clinical psychology.
DATE: 6-7 November 2012
TIME: Monday 9:30 to 16:30 (with coffee breaks and lunch) and Tuesday 9:30 to 11:30.
PLACE: Nobelpark, building 1484, 2nd floor (the 'glasscage')
Read more about the workshop here ...
Sign up by sending an e-mail to Sebastian Wallot:
5 November 2012
Workshop on Stimulus Presentation Software
Anabelo Rato, Universidade do Minho, Braga, Portugal will present stimulus presentation software which she developed in collaboration with Brazilian colleagues. The software was specifically designed for speech perception experiments and for perceptual training with immediate feedback.
The software is downloadable from 

DATE: Monday 5 November 2012
TIME: 13.15 - 15.00
PLACE:  Aarhus University, Building 1481, room 324

For further information, contact:
Ocke-Schwen Bohn
English Degree Program and Center on Autobiographical Memory Research 

10 October 2012
PhD course: Everything you always wanted to know about conference participation but were afraid to ask
In connection to the 2013 CON AMORE conference on Social Perspectives on Autobiographical Memory, 20-21 June 2013, a PhD course focusing on practical issues concerning conference participation will start 23 October 2012.
Deadline for applying for the PhD course is 15 October 2012
Read more about the PhD course here ...
Read more about the Social Perspectives on Autobiographical Memory Conference in 2013 here ...
Conference flyer here ... 
8 October 2012
Scientific Workshop: Schizophrenia: brains, genes, and behavior
MINDLab and Interacting Minds Centre is hosting a scientific workshop on schizophrenia with talks by:
  • Raymond C. K. Chan, Neuropsychology and Applied Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory, Key Laboratory of Mental Health, Institute of Psychology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China
  • Ole Mors, Department of Clinical Medicine, Aarhus University, Denmark
  • Yuan Zhou, Key Laboratory of Behavioral Science, Institute of Psychology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China
DATE: Monday, 8 October 2012
TIME: 10.00-12.00
PLACE: Palle Juul Jensen Auditorium (DNC Auditorium), Danish Neuroscience Centre, Aarhus University Hospital, Nørrebrogade 44, Building 10G.
Participation free and open to all. The workshop is organized by MINDLaband Interacting Minds Centre.

Read program here ...

3 October 2012
RCC/MINDLab Guest Lecture by Professor Edward Slingerland, University of British Columbia
Professor Edward Slingerland, University of British Columbia is visiting Aarhus and will give a RCC/MINDLab guest talk, entitled:
Debunking Myths About Early China: Realizing the Benefits of Science-Humanities Consilience.
DATE: Wednesday 3 October 2012
TIME: 15.15 - 17.00
PLACE: Building 1483 room 354 (Nobelparken)
Read abstract here ...

Arranged by RCC and MINDLab

28 September 2012
Inaugural Lecture by Professor David Brooks
Professor, MD DSc FRCP FMedSci. David Brooks, Aarhus University and Aarhus University Hospital will be giving his inaugural lecture: 
Imaging neurodegeneration with PET - achievements and challenges
DATE: Friday 28 September 2012
TIME: 11.00
PLACE: Palle Juul-Jensen Auditorium (DNC Auditorium), Aarhus University Hospital, Building 10G, Nørrebrogade 44, 8000 Aarhus C.

After the lecture the Neurocenter and Institute for Clinical Medicine will host a reception in front of the auditorium.
28 September 2012
Tony Jack at ICOA
Tony Jack from Brain, Mind and Consciousness Lab at Case Western University, Cleveland, Ohio, will be giving a presentation and engage in discussion on the topic: Neural correlates of empatic coaching.
DATE:   Friday 28 September
TIME:   10:00 - 12:00
PLACE: ICOA - Interdisciplinary Center for Organizational Architecture, Fuglesangs Allé 20, 8210 Aarhus V, Denmark
If you wish to participate in the ICOA seminar, please contact: Marianne Sejthen,   
27 September 2012
Consciousness @ MINDLab, scientific workshop
Two consciousness researchers, Mika Koivisto, Centre for Cognitive Neuroscience, University of Turku, Finland and Tony Jack, Brain, Mind and Consciousness Lab, Case Western University, Cleveland, Ohio, USA are visiting Aarhus and will give guest talks at a MINDLab scientific workshop on consciousness.
DATE: Thursday 27 September 2012
TIME: 10.00 - 12.00
PLACE: Meeting room, 3rd floor of DNC, Aarhus University Hospital, building 10G
Read abstracts for the two guest talks here ...
Read more about Mika Koivisto here ...
Read more about Tony Jack here ...

14 September 2012
PhD defense: Else-Marie Elmholdt Jegindø
CFIN/AU/DPRC researcher Else-Marie Jegindø, Department of Culture and Society, will defend her PhD thesis, Pain and Coping in the Religious Mind (Smerte, coping og bøn)
DATE: 14 September 2012
TIME: 13.15 - 16.15
PLACE: Auditorium 2, Building 1441, Aarhus University, Taasingegade 3, 8200 Aarhus N.

Read more here ... (in Danish) and here ... (in English)

29 August 2012
Autism Aarhus Symposium 2012
The second annual Autism Aarhus Symposium will be held on Wednesday 29 August 2012 at 13.30 in the DNC Auditorium, Aarhus University Hospital, Nørrebrogade 44, 8000 Aarhus C.
Short talks, discussion and networking. Chair: Professor Uta Frith
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24 August 2012
Workshop and opening of Interacting Minds Centre
The new interdisciplinary centre at Aarhus University - Interacting Minds Centre is officially opening and is hosting a one day workshop with guest talks by:
  • Stefan Beck (Berlin)
  • Jakob Hohwy (Melbourne)
  • Hanne de Jaegher (San Sebastian)
  • Günter Knoblich (Budapest)
  • David Dreyer Lassen (Copenhagen)
  • Natalie Sebanz (Budapest)
  • Dan Zahavi (Copenhagen)
The workshop is free of charge but registration is kindly asked before 20 August 2012:  
Find invitation for opening and workshop here ...
Read more about the Interacting Minds Centre here ...
15-16 August 2012

Workshop on Recurrence Quantification Analysis

Sebastian Wallot, MINDLab-associated Marie Curie postdoctoral fellow in the TESIS project Towards an Embodied Science of InterSubjectivity is organizing a two-day workshop on Recurrence Quantification Analysis, August 15 and 16 (Wednesday and Thursday).

Abstract: Recurrence Quantification Analysis is a nonlinear-correlation technique that allows the quantification of complex patterns in time-series data. RQA is  suited to deal with highly non-stationary time series and generalizes many other statistical analyses. The purpose of this two-day workshop is to introduce participants to the basic ideas of Recurrence Quantification Analysis (RQA) and to give participants practical training in applying the analysis technique. Participants should have Matlab or Octave installed on their computer and should ideally be able to code basics, such as loops and simple variables. We will try to accommodate all participants who are interested, but in case of shortages of spatial or other resources, it will be 'first come first serve'.

If you are interested, please send an email to

6 August 2012
MINDLab lecture series on Cognition and Culture
RCC, IM and MINDLab  are happy to invite you to the very first lecture in the newly inaugurated MINDLab lecture series on Cognition and Culture: Guest lecture by Professor Mark Turner, Case Western University Multimodal Surfing, or the Embodied Mind and the Origin of Culture.
Abstract: Relatively rapid cultural innovation—a species-wide characteristic of homo sapiens sapiens—presents cognitive science with a profound open problem.  This talk will specify the challenges and review the possible answers to the open problem of culture, with reference to a specific, sweeping, world-wide embodied cultural practice that scarcely existed a few hundred years ago: surfing.  We will consider the role of mental mapping and mental blending in this cultural creativity and look at the mechanisms of multimodal communication in its invention.
Time and place: Monday August 6 in room 455, building 1342 at 13:30 pm
AU Summer University 2012
As part of the AU Summer University program RCC and MINDLab are organising a course on:
Experimental Methods in the Study of Cognition and Culture.
Read more here ...
AU Summer University 2012
As part of the AU Summer University program Psychology is offering a course on Cross-cultural Studies in Memory and Autobiographical Memory.
Application deadline is 15 march 2012.
Find more information about the course here ...
and about the AU Summer University here ...
31 July 2012
Guest lecture by Dr. Joseph Bulbulia, Senior Lecturer at School of Art History, Classics and Religious Studies, University of Wellington, New Zealand
Why Take An Experimental Approach to The Study of Cognition and Culture?
Time and place: Tuesday, July 31, 1:30 pm, room 110, Building 1441 (former Theology)
Arranged by RCC and MINDLab. Further info: Jesper Sørensen (

9 July 2012
PhD defense: Mads Sloth Vinding
MINDLab affiliated researcher Mads Sloth Vinding will defend his PhD thesis:
Fast Optimal Control in MRI
DATE: Monday 9 July 2012, TIME: 13.15
PLACE: Matematisk Institut, building 1532-116 G1

The defense will be in English. ALL ARE WELCOME.
Find more information on the defense (in Danish) here...


2 July 2012
Guest Talk at CFIN: Flavio Dell´Acqua
Flavio Dell’Acqua from Department of Neuroimaging, Institute of Psychiatry, King's College London, is visiting Aarhus and will give a guest talk on:
DATE: 2 July 2012, TIME: 13.00
PLACE: CFIN meeting room, 5th floor
Investigating white matter connections in the living and post-mortem human brain: where are we?

Read abstract here ...

25-26 June 2012
First Aarhus-Paris Conference in Social Ontology and Cognition.
The conference OBJECTS IN MIND will take place in Aarhus 25-26 June 2012.
Key Note speakers:

  • Christopher Frith (All Souls College, Oxford)
  • Ruth Millikan (University of Connecticut
  • John R. Searle (University of California at Berkeley)

Read more here ...
See program here ...
Conference poster here ...

25 June 2012
Guest Talk by Professor Can Ince
Professor dr. Can Ince is a physiologist whose interest lies in peri-operative medicine. Department of Intensive Care Medicine, Erasmus Medcial Center, Erasmus University of Rotterdam, and Department of Translational Physiology at the Academic Medical Center (AMC) of the University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
Professor Ince is visiting Aarhus and will give a guest talk, entitled:
The microcirculation as target organ for hemodynamic management during anesthesia and intensive care
Date: 25 June 2012
TIME: 15.00 - 15.45
PLACE: Pathological Auditorium, Aarhus University Hospital, Building 18, Nørrebrogade 44, 8000 Aarhus C.
Find invitation here ...
Read abstract here ...
Read more about Dr. Can Ince here ...
14 June 2012
25-years anniversity
MINDLab associated researcher, Poul Videbech, Chief Consultant at Department of Clinical Medicine - The Department of General Psychiatry has 25-years anniversary and will be celebrated wit a reception 14 June 14-16 in the cantina at Aarhus University Hospital, Risskov, Skovagervej 2.
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12 June 2012
Guest talk by Dr. Yury Shtyrov 
Dr. Yury Shtyrov is visiting Aarhus and will give a guest talk entitled:
Early neural dynamics of spoken language processing in the brain
DATE: Tuesday 12 June 2012
TIME: 14.00 - 15.00
PLACE: DNC Auditorium, Aarhus University Hospital, Building 10G, Nørrebrogade 44, 8000 Aarhus C
Read abstract here ...
7 June 2012
Translational Epilepsy in Denmark and Sweden
Symposium on translational Epilepsy in Denmark and Sweden with gust talks by: Henrik Klitgaard, Kimmo Jensen, Nadia Fredsø Andersen, Annie Landau, Elinor Ben-Menachem, Anne Sabers, and Sándor Beniczky.
DATE: 7 June 2012
TIME: 14.00 - 18.00
PLACE: Palle Juul-Jensen Auditorium (DNC Auditorium), Aarhus University Hospital, Building 10G, Nørrebrogade 44, 8000 Aarhus C
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1 June 2012
Guest talk at CFIN Friday Meeting: Klaus Linkenkaer-Hansen
Researchers of the MIND know that the brain is never idle. The number of studies related to the brain's so-called "resting state" has increased exponentially since the early 00's, resulting in a total of 2244 published articles. If it ever occurred to you to ask the question: "But what is the brain doing when it's resting?", please join us on Friday 1 June 2012, 11:00 - 12:00 am, in the 8th floor meeting room of building 10 (Aarhus Sygehus) for a guest talk by
Dr. Klaus Linkenkaer-Hansen, entitled:
A wandering mind caught with the Resting-State Questionnaire

Synopsis: Almost half of the waking day, the human mind wanders off from the sensory environment, devoting consciousness to reflection on past experiences and imagination. Mind wandering is also pronounced during eyes-closed rest—a widely used condition in functional neuroimaging. Nevertheless, we know little about the relation between brain activity and cognition during rest. To facilitate progress in this field, we have developed the self-report Resting-State Questionnaire (RSQ) to uncover neural correlates of thoughts and feelings during rest-like states. In this talk, I will present the RSQ and give examples of its use in combination with resting-state recordings using EEG and fMRI.

About the speaker:
Klaus Linkenkaer-Hansen is team leader of “Neuronal Oscillations & Cognition” at the Center for Neurogenomics and Cognitive Research (CNCR) at VU University Amsterdam. His research is focused on spontaneous brain activity and cognition. 
31 May 2012
Neuroscience in education, marketing and beyond
MINDLab, DPU, and the Department of Psychology and Behavioral Science presents a workshop on:
Neuroscience in education, marketing and beyond – are you ready for this?
DATE: 31 May 2012
TIME: 13.00 - 16.00
PLACE: Aarhus University, Department of Psychology, building 1342 - room 455
Read more here ...
Flyer about the workshop here ...
24 May 2012
Aarhus MEG Workshop 2012
The Aarhus MEG Workshop 2012 - a one day workshop on MEG, DBS and Movement disorders will be held on Thursday 24 May 2012 in the Palle Juul-Jensen Auditorium (DNC Auditorium), Aarhus University Hospital, Nørrebrogade 44, 8000 Aarhus C.
Key-note talks by Jyrki Mäkelä (SF), Eero Pekkonen (SF), Morten Kringelbach (UK/DK), Lars Timmermann (D), Vladimir Litvak (UK) and Markus Butz (D/UK). 
Read more, see program and find registration information here ...
20 April 2012
Workshop on Recurrence analysis in conversations 
We regard language as a social coordination device (Tylén et al 2010; Clark 1996) that is best described as a complex adaptive system (Croft et al 2005, Loreto et. al 2011). Several studies (Pickering & Garrod 2004, Fusaroli et al 2012) have already pointed to linguistic alignment as one of the crucial dynamics in coordinating and developing the linguistic tool employed in social interactions. This workshop aims at broadening our views on linguistic coordination beyond alignment and on the ways it can be quantitatively analyzed building upon recurrence quantification analysis and other complex system methods. Amongst the areas analyzed there will be the coordination of turn-taking as well as linguistic and semantic patterns.
DATE: 20 April 2012
TIME: 10:00-17:00
PLACE: Aarhus University Hospital, Building 10, 8th floor, Nørrebrogade 44
Prospective speakers:
Guy Van Orden, Joanna Raczaszek-Leonardi, Gregory Mills, Kristian Tylén, Riccardo Fusaroli, Sebastian Wallot, Ethan Weed, Veronica Ramenzoni
Questions and comments: contact Riccardo Fusaroli,

20 April 2012
Doctoral Thesis defense: Per Borghammer
CFIN affiliated researcher MD, PhD Per Borghammer, Department of Nuclear Medicine and PET Center Aarhus, Aarhus University Hospital is defending his Doctoral Thesis:
Perfusion and Metabolism PET Studies in Parkinson’s Disease - With Special Reference to Intensity Normalization Methods
DATE: Friday 20 April 2012
TIME: 14.00
PLACE: Aarhus University, Lille Anatomisk Auditorium, building 1231, room 414, Wilhelm Meyers Allé 3, 8000 Aarhus C.


19-21 April 2012
Joining forces against pain
The Joint Annual Meeting of the Scandinavian Association for the Study of Pain and the Danish Pain Society, JOINING FORCES AGAINST PAIN, will be held in Aarhus, Denmark, 19-21 April 2012.

15 March 2012
RCC and Interacting Minds Guest Lecture
PhD candidate Lauren Swiney, Institute of Cognition and Culture, Queen's University Belfast, is visiting Aarhus and will give a guest talk entitled:
Your thoughts in my mind:
Novel experimental tasks shed light on the etiology and phenomenology of the sense of agency for thought.
DATE: 15 March 2012
TIME: 15.00 - 17.00
PLACE: Studenternes Hus, Meeting room 1

Read more here ...

15 March 2012
International Brain Awareness Week 2012
As part of the international Brain Awareness Week 2012 AU and AUH are hosting a public event with 4 short talks on:
What happens in the brain? - disease and treatment. The talks are in Danish.
DATE: 15 March 2012
TIME: 19.00
PLACE: Palle Juul-Jensen Auditorium (DNC AUditorium), Aarhus University Hospital, Nørrebrogade 44, 8000 Aarhus C.

See program here ...

January 20, 2012
MINDLab Symposium 2012
The annual MINDLab Symposium will be held in the Palle Juul-Jensen Auditorium (DNC Auditorium) on Friday 20 January 2012 from 13.00-16.30.
Key note talk by Nikolas Rose, Kings College London, and talks by MINDLab Professors Karen Østergaard, Andreas Roepstorff and Jørgen Scheel-Krüger.
Poster session and visit to the MINDLab scanner facilities.
Read more and register for the symposium here ...
January 15, 2012
Center on Autobiographical Memory Research, headed by MINDLab researcher Dorthe Berntsen, will host the conference Clinical Perspectives on Autobiographical Memoryin Aarhus, Denmark, 11th-12th June, 2012.
The goal of the conference is to enhance scientific exchange between researchers with different backgrounds but with a shared interest in reaching a deeper understanding of autobiographical memory in psychopathology.
Abstract submission deadline is January 15, 2012
Registration and further information here...

December 21, 2011
Deep Brain Stimulation for Epilepsy
The departments of Neurosurgery and Neurology at Aarhus University Hospital are hosting an informal meeting about deep brain stimulation for epilepsy.
Guest talk by senior scientist at Medtronic, Frans Gielen on the rationale and development of deep brain stimulation for epilepsy.
Date:    Wednesday 21 December 2011
Time:    14.30 - 16.30
Place:    Palle Juul-Jensen Auditorium (DNC Auditorium), AUH, building 10G, Nørrebrogade 44, 8000 Aarhus C.

ALL ARE WELCOME - no registration needed.
Find program here ...

December 20, 2011
Guest talk by Andrea Suddo, University of Liege
Morten Overgaard/CNRU is visited by Andrea Suddo from University of Liege. He will give a guest talk entitled:
Neuroimaging in DOC patients: searching for drops of consciousness
Date:    Tuesday 20 December 2011
Time:    13.00 - 14.00
Place:    CFIN meeting room, 5th floor (room 10G-5-07)

ALL ARE WELCOME ... as long as there is room for it in the meeting room.
Read abstract here ...

December 8, 2011
Rick Dale will visit MINDLab between the 7th and the 9th of December. Rick has worked extensively
on applying non-linear methods to human cognition, interaction and communication. A seminar, entitled Sequence Alignment Methods Inspired by Dynamical Systems: Symbols in Time will be held the 8th of December (Studenterhus Aarhus. Nrd. Ringgade 3, 8000 Aarhus C. mødelokale 2.3 i studenterhus, 10:00-16:00), on methods to measure and test the temporal unfolding of human interactions focusing on higher symbolic behavior (such as linguistic exchanges). For further information, if interested in presenting a project to be discussed (deadline: November 1), or if interested in participating (deadline November 20), contact

6 December 2011
Guest talk by Professor David Brooks
Professor Davis Brooks, Head of the Centre for Neuroscience, Department of Medicine, Imperial College, London, U.K. is visiting Aarhus and will give a guest talk on Tuesday 6 December 2011 at 13.30 in the DNC Auditorium, Aarhus University Hospital, Building 10G, Nørrebrogade 44.
Title: Imaging inflammation in neurodegenerative diseases.

Read abstract here ...

2 December 2011
Tiltrædelsesforelæsning, Professor Grethe Andersen / Inaugural lecture, Professor Grethe Andersen
Friday 2 December 2011 at 14.30 in the DNC Auditorium, Professor, Dr.Med Grethe Andersen from the Neurological Department at Aarhus University Hospital, will give an inaugural lecture entitled:
Vejen til forbedret apopleksibehandling - hurtig - helende - højteknologisk.
The lecture will be in Danish.
Grethe Andersen was appointed Clinical Professor of Stroke at Aarhus University, Health on 1 November 2011.
25 November 2011
Postdoc Gema Martin Ordas, Max Planck Institute of Evolutionary Anthropology, will give a guest lecture at CON AMORE Center on Autobiographical Memory Research entitled Episodic Memory: A Comparative Approach.
Venue: Nobelparken, meeting room 1483-620 at 12-14
November 21, 2011
Interdisciplinary workshop with organizations-guru professor George P. Huber
Professor Huber visits Aarhus Business School’s Interdisciplinary Center for Organizational Architecture (ICOA). Huber is one of the world’s most acknowledged management researchers. His impact factor places him within the top 0,1% published authors in his field.
All interested VIPs and grad-students are invited to the sitdown-workshop with Huber. The workshop is not intended as a traditional A/O-event, but an opportunity for cross-disciplinary exploration. How can other fields of psychology contribute?

Professor Huber is known for initiating new areas of research, and for sealing existing ones with his “signature pieces”. His recent ”Cross Understanding: Implications for Group Cognition and Performance”, and earlier ”Organizational Learning: The Contributing Processes and Literatures”, "The Necessary Nature of Future Firms”, and "Fit, Equifinality, and Organizational Effectiveness" are all worth mentioning, and have all won prestigious awards. These publications have all marked seminal shifts, and contributed to revolutions in the way we think leadership- and organizational research.

Recently, Huber’s work has centered on social and cognitive processes in organizations.
For this reason, he has been very insistent on meeting the department of Psychology during his visit to Aarhus, as he wants to better understand the cognitive mechanisms behind organizational change, and how managers experience it. He states that:
"It is important to me to learn, on this visit to Aarhus University, what anyone there knows that can help me understand the cognitive mechanisms which cause executives’ career tournament experience, personality traits, and perceived professional role(s) to influence their causal attributions about positive or negative changes in their organization.”
Monday November 21st, 9.30-12.00 room 528, Jens Chr. Schous Vej 4, building 1481
9.30 Welcome and presentation of participants
9.45 Presentation by Professor George P. Huber on his current work: Searching for the cognitive mechanisms behind causal attributions about organizational changes
11.15 Discussion – what do we know, how can we contribute?
11.30 Future perspectives and opportunities for cross-disciplinary collaboration

The workshop is hosted by the Research Unit for Practice-Based Learning and ICOA.
Seats are limited, so please send an email to Andreas Lieberoth at if you would like to participate.

November 17, 2011
MINDLab Synchronization Workshop
Workshop on synchronization in systems ranging from neurons to interacting human minds. At the neuronal level synchronization can describe neuronal oscillations within a single brain, and at the social level synchronization can describe interpersonal adaptation and coordination. In this workshop we explore ways in which synchronization can be used to illuminate such various phenomena.

Read more, and find information on registration and abstract submission here ...

November 17, 2011

6th Annual Psychiatric Research day

Århus Universitetshospital, Risskov. Deadline for registration (poster/talk) is September 15.

All interested in psychiatric research are welcome.

Read more here...(in Danish)

November 16, 2011

At the CON AMORE research center, Heidi Kloos from University of Cincinnati, Department of Psychology, will give a guest talk, entitled: "Parameter Dynamics of Abduction in Children's Reasoning". Heidi Kloos’ research interests are the basics of knowledge development and children's learning under the framework of cognitive coordination. 

Time: Wednesday the 16th of November, at 14:15-16:00.
Place: Room 533, building 1483.

5 October 2011
Brain Prize Winner 2011, Professor Tamás Freund visits Aarhus University
Wednesday 5 October 2011 the Brain Prize winner 2011, Professor Tamás Freund, Budapest, ­Hungary is visiting Aarhus University. NeuroCampus Aarhus will host an afternoon ­minisymposium with a guest talk by Professor Freund in the Palle Juul-Jensen Auditorium at Aarhus University ­Hospital, Nørrebrogade.
Date: 5 October 2011
Venue: Palle Juul-Jensen Auditorium, Aarhus University Hospital, Nørrebrogade 44, 8000 Aarhus C.

Read more and see program here ...

September 9, 2011

Dr. Pehr Granqvist will be visiting RCC and give a talk on 'Mystical Experience: Replicating Persinger's God Helmet study'

kl. 13-15, building 1441, room 010

ALL ARE WELCOME, but register with Uffe Schødt (

September 9, 2011

MINDLab researcher Professor Jens Chr. Sørensen from Department of Neurosurgery will give the Celebration presentation (in danish) "Dyb hjernestimulation for bevægeforstyrrelser, smerte og psykiatriske lidelser" at the Aarhus University's annual celebration 2011. The event is for invited guests only, but it will be streamed live on AU’s website, so everyone has an opportunity to follow the proceedings.

Find a link for streaming, and read more here...

September 8, 2011

Dr. Pehr Granqvist will be visiting RCC and give a talk on ''Early Childhood Attachment and Religiosity'

Dr. Pehr Granqvist, who is an expert in psychology of religion, will be talking about his pioneering research on how individuals form relations to gods on the basis of their attachment models developed in early childhood.

kl. 10-12, building 1441, room 010.

ALL ARE WELCOME, but register with Uffe Schødt (

September 5, 2011

This year the course in Statistical Analysis of Neuroimaging Data (SAN) is sceduled and will start October 3. Questions regarding the course can be adressed by course leader ass. prof. Torben Ellegaard Lund.

See lecture plan here...

August 29, 2011
Official opening of the MEG scanner at Aarhus University Hospital
Aarhus University Hospital is ready to open the first MEG scanner in Denmark, donated by the Velux Foundation. The scanner opens new possibilities for groundbreaking reseach in human consciousness and for achieving research based breakthroughs in the treatment of people with brain diseases.
The official opening takes place on Monday 29 August 2011 from 15.00 - 16.30 in the Palle Juul Jensen Auditorium (DNC Auditorium), Aarhus University Hospital, Nørrebrogade 44, 8000 Aarhus C

Read more here ... (in Danish)

August 25, 2011
NeuroCampus & DNC Seminar
The August month NeuroCampus & DNC seminar will be held 
Thursday 25 June 2011 at 14.30 in the DNC Auditorium (Building 10G, 1st floor).
Autism Aarhus - Ongoing projects
The idea is that we will meet for an update about what has been happening in autism research in Aarhus. Ongoing projects will be presented and there will be space for questions and discussion.

Read more here ...    
See DNC seminar plan here ...

August 22-24, 2011
CFIN/MINDLab Retreat at Sandbjerg Manor
The annual CFIN/MINDLab Retreat will take place on 22-24 August 2011 at Sandbjerg Manor. As usual the program will feature a mix of key note talks and talks from MINDLab researchers and there will be time to discuss progress of current research projects and plan future projects within MINDLab.

Read more and register for the retreat here ... 

August 16, 2011
Mini symposium on NMR in complex media with guest talks by Denis Grebenkov and Valerij Kiselev
Tuesday 16 August 2011 at 10.00-12.00
Aarhus University, Department of Physics, room 1520-333
The mini symposium will have guest talks by Denis Grebenkov, Laboratory of Condensed Matter Physics, CNRS, France and Valerij Kiselev, Department of Radiology, Medical Physics University Medical Center, Freiburg, Germany.

Read more here ...

August 15, 2011
PhD defense by MSc (physics) Niels Buhl
During his PhD studies, Niels Buhl worked on theoretically describing diffusion on networks, as well as the way in which such description can be used to improve diffusion-weighted magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of the human lung.
Time: Monday 15 August at 14.00
Place: Physics Lecture Theatre, Aarhus University
Title of dissertation: Diffusion on Networks and Diffusion Weighted NMR of the Human Lung

Read more here ...

August 11, 2011

RCC and MINDLab proudly presents Professor, Uta Frith, Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience, University College London

Title: What is social in social cognition?

Room 212, building 1442. 1pm


August 10, 2011

RCC and MINDLab proudly presents Guest lecturer Jesse Prinz, Professor, Department of Philosophy, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill

Title: Emotion, Morality and Culture

Room 212, building 1442. 1pm


August 2, 2011
Guest Talk by Assistant Professor Ole Valente Mortensen
Assistant Professor, PhD Ole Valente Mortensen from department of Pharmachology & Physiology, Drexel University College of Medicine, Philadelphia, USA, is visiting Aarhus and will give a guest talk entitled:
Transporters and a parasite.
Date: Tuesday 2 August 2011
Time: 10.00 - 11.00
Place: DNC Auditorium, Building 10G, Aarhus University Hospital, Nørrebrogade 44

Read more here...


August 1, 2011
Guest Talk by Professor Baruch Kanner
Professor, PhD, Baruch Kanner from Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, The Institute for Medical Research - Israel-Canada, The Hebrew University-Hadassah Medical School, Jerusalem, Israel, is visiting Aarhus and will give a guest talk entitled:
Mechanism of Sodium-Coupled Neurotransmitter Transport in the Brain.
Date: Monday 1 August 2011
Time: 10.00 - 11.00
Place: Pathological Auditorium, Building 18, Aarhus University Hospital, Nørrebrogade 44

Read more here...


21 June 2011
Guest talk by Annette Hammes-Lewin, PhD
Annette Hammes-Lewin from the Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine (MDC), Department of Cardiovascular Research, Berlin, Germany is visiting Aarhus and will give a guest talk entitled:
The role of LRP2 in the embryonic and adult mouse forebrain
Tuesday 21 June 2011
DNC Auditorium, Building 10G
Aarhus University Hospital, Nørrebrogade 44, 8000 Aarhus C.

Read more about Cardiovascular Research at MDC here ...


21 June 2011
Guest talk by Professor Riitta Hari, Helsinki University of Technology
Professor Riitta Hari, Director of the Brain Reasearch Unit (BRU), Low Temperature Laboratory at Aalto University Science and Technology, and the Centre of Excellence of the Academy of Finland on “Systems Neuroscience and Neuroimaging” , and Leader of the Human Systems Neuroscience (Hari Group) research team at the BRU, is visiting Aarhus and will give a guest talk entitled:
Time scales in human brain function: Insights from neuromagnetic recordings

Interacting Minds / MINDLab is hosting the guest talk, that takes place:
Tuesday 21 June 2011
DNC Auditorium, Building 10G
Aarhus University Hospital, Nørrebrogade 44, 8000 Aarhus C.

Read abstract here ...

20 June 2011
PhD defense by Ivana Konvalinka
MSc /Engineering and Physical Science in Medicine) Ivana Konvalinka will defend her PhD thesis entitled:
Interacting minds, brains, and bodies: behavioural, neural, and physiological mechanisms of joint action in social interaction.

The defense will take place:
Monday 20 June 2011
Studenterhuset, Aarhus University
building 1420, room 2
Fredrik Nielsens Vej 4, 8000 Aarhus C.

After the defense Interacting Minds/CFIN will host a reception.

17-18 June 2011
Tenth Annual OAK Meeting
The Tenth Annual OAK Meeting will take place in the DNC Auditorium 17-18 June 2011. OAK is the Danish Brain Research Laboratories Meeting where researchers from neuro labs in Odense, Aarhus, and København meet and present ongoing research projects.

Read more at:

15 June 2011
NeuroCampus & DNC Seminar - NOTE NEW DATE!!!
The June month NeuroCampus & DNC seminar will be held 
Wednesday 15 June 2011 at 14.30-15.30 in the DNC Auditorium (Building 10G, 1st floor).
Talk by Professor Kimmo Jensen, Department of Physiology and Biophysics, AU:
Stress on the Brain: Impact on cortical Micronetworks
Read more here ... 
See DNC seminar plan here ...

May 26-27, 2011
A MINDLab conference "Music and Language in the Brain" will take place in Aarhus, arranged by "Cognition, Language and Music" MINDLab researchers.

Read more here...

May 18-19 2011

Copenhagen colloquium On Children and religion, co-organised by MINDLab researcher Christian Kordt Højbjerg, will take place in Copenhagen, Aarhus university campus in Copenhagen, Danish School of Education.

Read more here...

11 May 2011
MINDLab methods workshop on measuring and testing the temporal unfolding of cognitive processes
Michael Spivey and Stephanie Huette from University of California, Merced are visiting Aarhus and MINDLab will host a methods workshop on measuring and testing the temporal unfolding of cognitive processes.
In the morning Michael and Stephanie will introduce the methodologies they have been developing and applying. In the course of the afternoon local projects will be presented and discussed.
Spots for presentations and participants are limited. Register by sending a mail to

Read more here ...

11 May 2011
RCC is, together with CCR, co-hosting a workshop on Fieldwork and Economic Experiments, entitled: "Doing Fieldwork and Doing Experiments in the Wild From Participant Observation and Experimental Studies to Social Behavior".
Deadline for registering is Monday, May 2.
ALL ARE WELCOME, and articipation is free of charge.
If you want to participate please email Panagiotis Mitkidis 
Read program and further information here...

3 May 2011
PhD defense by Ethan Weed
Tuesday 3 May 2011 at 13.00 in Meeting room 2, Aarhus University, Building 1421, Fredrik Nielsens Vej 4, 8000 Aarhus C
Ethan Weed will defend his PhD thesis:
Getting the Message Right: Social Cognition, Pragmatic Impairement, and Right Hemisphere Damage

Read more here ...
Read summary here ...

28 April 2011
Guest talk by Dr. Andrew Wilson, Institute of Membrane and Systems Biology at University of Leeds
Dr. Andrew Wilson studies the perceptual control of action, with a special interest in learning. He is a lecturer in Motor Control with the Institute of Membrane and Systems Biology at University of Leeds.
Dr. Wilson will visit Aarhus and give a CFIN & MINDLab guest talk entitled:
Perception, Action and Dynamical Systems
Date: Thursday, 28 April 2011
Time: 11:00
Location: 6th floor meeting room, DNC Huset, Aarhus University Hospital, 44 Nørrebrogade, Aarhus

Read abstract at:

19 April 2011
Guest talk by Dr. Ken Prkachin, University of Northern British Columbia
Dr. Ken Prkachin is a professor of psychology at the University of Northern British Columbia with over 30 years researching pain and pain expression and nearly 40 years clinical experience.  He will join the Interacting Minds group and the Danish Pain Research Center to share his current research and engage in discussion on the developments in characterizing pain expression.
Date: Tuesday, 19 April 2011
Time: 12:00
Location: 5th floor conference room, CFIN, DNC House, Aarhus University Hospital, 44 Nørrebrogade, Aarhus

Read abstract here ...

15 April 2011
Guest talk by Antoine Lutz,  Laboratory For Functional Brain Imaging and Behavior, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Antoine Lutz is an Associate Scientist at the Laboratory For Functional Brain Imaging and Behavior at the Waisman Center in the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He received his PhD in cognitive neuroscience from University of P. et M. Curie, Paris (VI) under the supervision of Dr. Francisco Varela in 2002. His principal research focus has been on the neurodynamical correlates of consciousness and on the relationship between neuroplasticity and meditation training.  His research has been largely supported by grants from the National Institute of Health. He is associated to the Center for Investigating Healthy Minds in Madison.
Antoine Lutz will visit Aarhus and give a CFIN & MINDLab guest talk entitled:
Exploring the potential influences of meditation on brain behavior.
Date: Friday, 15 April 2011
Time: 14:00-16:00, followed by reception
Location: Meeting room 1, Studenternes Hus, Fredrik Nielsens Vej 4, Aarhus
Reception: 16:00-18:00, Meeting room 2.3, Studenternes Hus

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8 April 2011
Guest talk by Dr. Shihui Han, Culture and Social Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory, Peking University
Dr. Shihui Han is a professor at the Department of Psychology, Peking University. He is the director of the Cultural and Social Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory. He studies cognitive and neural mechanisms of social cognition such as self-referential processing, empathy, and theory-of-mind, and how cultures influence the underlying neural mechanisms.
Dr. Han will visit Aarhus and give a CFIN & MINDLab guest talk entitled:
How to reduce racial bias in empathic neural responses? Manipulations of cognitive strategy and intergroup relation.
Date: Friday, 8 April 2011
Time: 14:00-16:00 followed by reception
Location: Meeting room 2.3, Studenternes Hus, Fredrik Nielsens Vej 4, Aarhus
Reception: 16:00-18:00, Meeting room 1.2, Studenternes Hus

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March 28 2011

Guest talk by Jürgen Finsterbusch
Jürgen Finsterbusch from Institut für Systemische Neurowissenschaften, Universitätsklinikum Hamburg-Eppendorf, Germany will visit Aarhus and give a guest talk on Double-Wave-Vector Diffusion-Weighted Imaging at CFIN:
10.15 - 11.15
CFIN meeting room on 4th floor Read abstract here ...

March 18, 2011

Guest speaker Rob Kurzban from Pennsylvania Lab for Experimental Evolutionary Psychology (PLEEP) will give a talk entitled "Strategic Morality," followed by discussion. The talk will take place at 14.00 in Preben Hornung Stue, Studenternes Hus Fredrik Nielsens Vej 4, 8000 Aarhus C.
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March 15, 2011

Deadline for The AU Summer University Course, August 1-26 2011, arranged by MINDLab researcher Jesper Sørensen, in Experimental Methods in the Study of Cognition and Culture at Aarhus University.

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January 24, 2011

Opening reception at Interdisciplinary Centre for Organizational Architecture ICOA, headed by MINDLab researcher MSc (Econ), Dr. oecon. Børge Obel.

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January 21, 2011

Inaugural lecture (in danish) entitled "Eksperimenterende antropologi" will held by MINDLab co-director Professor Andreas Roepstorf at Moesgård.

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January 19, 2011

MINDLab and the UNIK grant is celebrated with a MINDLab AU Symposium.

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17 December 2010
Guest Talk by Professor Kevin Laland
Professor Kevin N. Laland, School of Biology, University of St. Andrews is visiting Aarhus and will give a MINDLab guest talk entitled:
Understanding Social Learning
Friday, 17 December 2010, 13:00
Meeting room 2, Studenterhusfonden, Fredrik Nielsens Vej 4, 8000 Aarhus C.

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December 9, 2010

MINDLab  and MINDLab researchers Uffe Juul Jensen and Andreas Roepstorff, together with the AU PhD-program Philosophy and the study of ideas, AU will host lectures and master class entitled Neuroscience: philosophical perspectives. Lectures will be given by Rom Harre, Director of the Centre for Natural and Social Science at LSE and Peter Hacker, Emeritus Research Fellow at St. Johns College University of Oxford. Enrollment for master class to Bettina Houlberg ( before November 15th

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November 30, 2010

MINDLab and the Lingusitic Graduate School North is collaborating on a EEG-workshop: "What’s hidden under the curve? Advanced methods for ERP-analysis".
For more information please contact Andreas Højlund Nielsen (

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October 26, 2010

MINDLab is cooperating with GNOSIS research center and CARNAP institute of philosophy and science (Bochum) on a Conference: Shared emotions, joint attention and joint action

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November 2, 2010

The official opening of the CSGB center, a new Centre of Excellence established in collaboration between four research groups from Aarhus University, Aalborg University and the University of Copenhagen with Professor and MINDLab researcher Eva B. Vedel Jensen as director.

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October 30, 2010

CON AMORE is hosting a Seminar on Research Tools, where Laura Winther Balling from CBS will discus programmes, usefull for running experiments. The title of her presentation is: "From my experimental toolbox: DMDX, Mix and mixed-effects regression".

Participation is free of charge, and everyone is welcome. Because space is limited you must register by sending a mail to

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September 16-17, 2010

A MINDLab workshop on Cognition in the Laboratory and Cognition in the Wild is taking place in Aarhus, September 16-17, 2010. The workshop is organised by MINDLab researchers Christian Højbjerg, Andreas Roepstorff and Jesper Sørensen.

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August 15-21, 2010

MINDLab research is represented with an RCC-CFIN-MINDLab panel, at the International Association for the History of Religions (IAHR) XXth Quinquennial World Congress in Toronto, with a 2-day session on "New Cognitive Approaches to Religious Ritual". The session will be chaired by Prof., Dr. Phil. Armin W. Geertz, coordinator of MINDLab "Culture and Cognition", and MINDLab Associate Professor, Ph.D. Jesper Sørensen.

Program and abstracts can be read here...

June 24

A Mini-workshop on HeartRate variability in Neuroscience: Concepts, Methods, applications and pitfalls will be held in Aarhus, 24 June 2010, by MINDLab researcher Peter Vestergaard-Poulsen.

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June 13-16, 2010

A conference on Theoretical Perspectives on Autobiographical Memory is taking place in Aarhus, Denmark, 13-16 June, 2010, organized by researchers from the MINDLab Cognition and Memory StreamProfessor Dorthe BerntsenProfessor Ocke-Schwen Bohn and Professor Peter Krøjgaard.

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