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MINDLab Synchronization Workshop
Aarhus University, Denmark, November 17, 2011
Call for Papers


Come and join us at our workshop on synchronization in systems ranging from neurons to interacting human minds. At the neuronal level synchronization can describe neuronal oscillations within a single brain, and at the social level synchronization can describe interpersonal adaptation and coordination. In this workshop we explore ways in which synchronization can be used to illuminate such various phenomena. The workshop is hosted by MINDLab – an interdisciplinary research project to understand the brain, its disorders, and development.

The workshop is structured around three key note speakers:

Guy van Orden
Center for Cognition, Action & Perception
McMicken College
University of Cincinatti, USA
Kevin Shockley
Associate Professor, Director of Experimental Training
McMicken College
University of Cincinatti, USA
Doug Saddy
Professor, Director
Centre for Integrative Neuroscience and Neurodynamics
University of Reading, UK


We want the workshop to be highly interactive, and encourage cross-fertilization of ideas, so there will be a maximum of 40 participants.

We encourage researchers engaged in the subject to submit an abstract. Presentations will be selected by the organizing committee based on submitted abstracts. We stress that this event is a workshop, during which there will be ample time for discussion of presentations and ideas.

Researchers intrigued by the subject of synchronization are encouraged to register for active participation. Since the number of participants is limited, submissions for presentations will be given first priority, and admission will be based on a first come basis.

The workshop is organized by the MINDLab “Organizations”, Culture and Cognition project, hosted at ICOA (www.icoa.dk).

Organizing committee

MINDLab associate professor Dorthe Døjbak Håkonsson (dod@asb.dk )
PostDoc Dan Mønster (danm@asb.dk )
PostDoc Ivana Konvalinka (ivana.konvalinka@gmail.com)
MINDLab associate professor Sune Jespersen (sune@cfin.au.dk)
Professor Børge Obel (bo@asb.dk )


Register for the Synchronization Workshop here ...

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